AI and Healthcare

AI and Healthcare is a forthcoming peer-reviewed academic journal providing a forum for technological advancements in healthcare.

Its mission is to accelerate analysis and discussion on the improvement of health and health care through the development and application of artificial intelligence technology.

Call for manuscripts begin:   October 15, 2018



AI and Healthcare considers for publication manuscripts that have both:

  1. Potential high impact in some medical, healthcare, or public health domain
  2. Strong novelty of method and theory related to AI and computer science techniques

Areas of focus include:

  • Healthcare delivery
  • Care Management & Patient Engagement
  • Risk and Health Insurance
  • Population health management
  • Public Health
  • Precision Medicine

Additional Details

  • Submission types:
    • Lengthy articles; citations, bibliographies; charts, graphs, tables
  • Two volumes per year – rolling publication

Sample 2019 Publication Topics

  • Prediction of disease onset and progression
  • Segmentation of health populations
  • Care management applications
  • Identification of clinical and financial risk
  • Use and value of new data types
  • Pilot efforts across various population types
  • Model transparency

Call for manuscripts begin:   October 15, 2018